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Growing up in a Nairobi Kenya, Yvonne first discovered the world of Visual effects watching the first Star Wars on VHS in a land far far a way from the centre of the VfX movie making world. She chose an artistic path that would eventually lead her to working in visual effects on what would be her first feature film as a Matte Painter on, you guessed it, Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith in 2003.


Starting in the industry 14yrs ago, Yvonne’s career has given her the opportunity to work for some of the best directors on several award wining effects driven films. Her area of expertise and focus is as a matte painter in the Visual effects industry.  For the past 8 years she has used her creativity and leadership as a Matte painting supervisor/Head of Department taking the skills gained from Weta Digital in New Zealand and ScanlineVFX in Vancouver B.C. in Canada, to guide and work with others  to make stunning and memorable matte paintings. Her matte painting career has taken her around the world and has opened the door to opportunities that allow her to add her artistic input and influence to whatever project she has her sights set on. 


She has contributed to the production of  an impressive body of work including over 25 feature films.  Most notably,  the award wining VfX Academy Award winning films Avatar,  Rise of the Planet of the apes, Happy Feet and The hobbit. In 2009 she, along with her co-workers, were awarded the Visual Effects Society award for outstanding Matte painting in a Feature film for their work on Avatar.  There is more you could say about Yvonne but her modest nature and talent are both a breath of fresh air at a time when we all could use a little space to breathe and a good movie to get us through whatever comes next.

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